On-Site Antifreeze Recycling, LLC provides Gly-Cool™ antifreeze/coolant products that are precision blended to 50/50, ready to use, and meet ASTM testing standards. With our dedication to quality, we have the latest up-to-the-minute antifreeze blends and recommendations. Our NAPS (nitrite, amine, phosphate, and silicate) free coolants can be used for most Asian, European, and North American gas or diesel engines.

Core Competencies

    Gly-Cool Antifreeze/Coolants
  • Gly-Cool™ LD NAPS Free ELC/OAT
  • Gly-Cool™ HD NAPS Free ELC/OAT
  • Gly-Cool™ LD/HD HOAT (Hybrid) Extended Life
  • Gly-Cool™ HD NMOAT (Nitrite Molybdate) Organic Acid Technology
  • Gly-Cool™ LD/HD Conventional Green


What makes us stand out is our dedication to environmental friendliness. Our business uses a vacuum distillation method that provides for a complete restoration for antifreeze. Ethylene Glycol is a non-renewable resource and we reclaim it so it can be used again for antifreeze purposes. We help our community by providing free antifreeze removal for our local sheriff department, community yacht basin, the Lee County Waste Department and many others.

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